The In Da Jungle Cartoon page.

This cartoon is for mainly for adults... Its about a ghost and a ninja hired to fight evil, they team up with Santaclause and some jungle animals. they get into trouble and do bad things. Its really something you gotta see with your own eyes -viewer discretion is advised-

 They pull pranks on each other like for example here there trying to scare the fish in a lake where Ninja and Ghost are fishing. Scene shot from " Gawn Fishin part 2" seen on my youtube channel. Johnny to the left and Spider to the right -when these 2 get together all hell breaks loose.


 I tried to make some of the scenes as realistic as possible with what technology i have . Some of these scenes take hours and hours to make and the scene itself could only last 5 seconds, formulating the scene and how its gonna work also can take countless hours. This place here is the inside of a cottage on a mountainside created for the character " Linda " .  

This is a really fun cartoon to make i have a good laugh.

Enjoy my artwork and cartoon!

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